Croatia officially became part of the international Girl Geek Dinners community in November 2011. with the organization of the first dinner in Zagreb which brought together 150 women who love technology, innovation, computing, gadgets, video games, programming, or women who are simply curious and open to new communication channels. The first gathering was supported by the Central State Office for e-Croatia, Sony Ericsson and Croatian Telecom.

Read more about all of our activities and events on our blog (only in Croatian!) which was launched to encourage more women to meet-up in Croatia. Girl Geek Dinners Croatia is also present on social networks FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Our goal is:

  1. To inspire a new generation of girl geeks to become part of the tech community.
  2. To help girls and women in our community to share experiences and develop new skills.
  3. To promote the visibility of successful women and girls at home and abroad!

Bojana MandićLili RodićSonja StahorBarbara SladeTina Ćorluka i Lahorka Cvitković are responsible for events in Croatia which are all volunteer-based with the help of our sponsors

We are open to all ideas and suggestions that support our goals, but we need your help. Please feel free to contact us if you think you can help us organize workshops, meetings, lectures and other activities. We are already working with initiatives like RailsGirls and PyLadies, and if you want to find out about our future plans sign up on our mailing list.



  • Girl Geek Dinners Croatia and Canon have joined the global initiative ‘Sit with me’ (Sit with me) calling all participants at the WinDays12 conference to value and recognize the important role of women in creating the future of technology. The call was to make a small but a symbolic action: sit on red chair and share their story.

Although at first glance it might seem these events are just for girls the concept is somewhat different. The rules are simple! If you’re a man and you would like to join us you must be invited by a girl who is coming to an event.  comes to socializing. Women are allowed to bring one person as a companion.

They wrote about us in the media…

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The rest of the articles can be found in the album on our official Facebook fan page.